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Your Year Round Not Seasonal Sport Shop

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Supplies for the dedicated reloader

Since 1981, reloaders all over Michigan have come to Bare's Sports Shop. It's never too late to get started - just stop by and one of our knowledgeable, professional staff will be glad to help you.

Knives Gun accessories


• Lee

• Mec

• Hornady

• Nosler

• Speer


Carrying all the top reloading brands

Come in and pick up your dies, presses, brass bullets, powders, primers, and wads at Bare's Sports Shop.  


You can also check out our large selection of used firearms, archery supplies, and ammunition. You can even find Under Armour insulation and other accessories!

The destination for sportsmen

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Owned and operated by hunters.

• Alliant  

• Hodgdon



• Winchester

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